Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quick update

Jack got his epidural and cathadar removed this morning. He was pretty freaked out, but toughed it out like a rock star. His nightly supplemental feeds went well last night at a slower rate, so all good there. Spiked a fever during the evening, but it stayed under control.
Still on morphine and Ibuprofen for pain, which seems to take care of it nicely.

Little dude got out of bed, dressed and sat in the recliner for most of the day.  
He said it felt good to wear clothes again. 
His 'plumbing' is all working good, so I'm learning the ins and outs of his new contraption.
He's eating some snack foods here and there, nothing too fancy. 
That's about all to report. He hasn't walked yet, I'm guessing that will be tomorrow. Not looking forward to that as he just might be a little owly. :) 
He's done awesome so far, very proud of him!

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