Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting closer to going home

Still in the hospital. Little dude has a bladder rectal fistula about 1cm around. The tissue in the lower pelvic area is damaged from all the radiation and after surgery, the tissue broke apart and created a hole inbetween the bladder and rectum. Poo and urine starting mixing and coming out of the wrong ends and hello infection. They placed a folley cathadar on Friday and then he has the ileostomy to keep things somewhat clean down there. He's on an antibiotic and a medicine that reduces bladder spasms. Yesterday the doctor went in with a scope to get a better look and do some light housecleaning in the rectum. 

Surgery isn't an option now because the tissue isn't healthy enough to hold any sort of stitches or repair work. 
This sort of fistula isn't that common in kids, so Urology has consulted the UN Med Center for some input. The plan for now is to keep the folley in and scope again forwards the end of December to see how/if things are healing on their own. 
Taking this month by month and making decisions based on what they see. 

So today, off IV fluid and switching over to oral antibiotics. 
If Jack doesn't get a fever today, we get to leave Wednesday. 
Fingers crossed. 


  1. Hi jack this is Abby brown and I want to say that you can do it and your class is counting on you hope to see you in class WE MISS YOU!

    1. Thank you Abby, Jack should be back in school tomorrow, and is very happy to see his friends again!