Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Monday

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend traveling and visiting family. We were back home Saturday night to enjoy all of Sunday lounging around watching movies and staying toasty warm. Chase caught a cold in school and Jack is a little sniffy now. I'm sure being in a car next to his sneezing coughing brother might have had a little play in his sniffles. No fever, so that is good! 

Jack has a busy week:
Tuesday: doctor appointment and labs, hearing test, CT scan, Xray and in afternoon we head over to UNMC for his radioactive dye injection. 
Wednesday: MIGB scan at UNMC. 
Thursday: EKO test and bone marrow biopsy. (Bone marrow is a same day surgery, so no inpatient stay.) In the afternoon a tentative appointment set up at UNMC for possible second set of MIBG images. 

Asking for lots of positive thoughts as we take this set of scans and tests. It's scary, exciting and nerve racking. Little dude (especially) and our family has been through a lot in the past 16 months, we all have our fingers crossed for good news. 

Jack on the treadmill today at physical therapy. He was jogging a bit, going 2.3 mph for one minute. He did that twice! Jumping jacks, crab walks and he can get up from the floor now into a standing position. He's getting back slowly to his mobile self. 

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