Thursday, December 4, 2014

Done With Scans

Whew, it's been a somewhat busy week, with three trips to Omaha. But we're all done now and nothing planned for the weekend. (Except watching a few remaining Aliens and Predator movies.)

Bone marrow biopsy and second MIBG scan went well. Jack was/is a little sore on his back from the biopsy, but is doing good. He also ate like a rockstar. 

His doctor mentioned that if everything is showing up clean, we'll be able to remove his central line soon, and have him go back to school after the break. They'll brief us on the vaccination schedule, as it nears. 

So, not much else. We're glad to be done with running around, and most importantly that all the procedures went without a hitch. 

I can't overstate how grateful I am for the knowledge and technology available to us so close. Seriously... Using gamma radiation to do a non-invasive full body scan...

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