Sunday, December 14, 2014

Walking Weekend

Jack is becoming a real walking machine. He loves to go to stores and talk about toys and things. 
We've visited Target, Shopko, ToysRUs, Hobby Lobby, Hobbytown, and even Home Depot. 
We walked around the neighborhood and even on the treadmill. 

On Friday, Jack also spent half a day at school, having a great time with his classmates. Hoping he'll be able to go a few more times this week. (If he's strong enough.)

Last night, we found some "BeanBoozled" Jelly Belly jellybeans at Hy-Vee. BeanBoozled are these heinous jellybeans that have flavors such as vomit, rotten egg, stinky socks, skunk, lawn clippings, etc. But in the same bag you get the normal ones, like cotton candy, popcorn or tutty-fruity, so you don't know which one you're about to eat. So that's what we did for fun last night, tried rotten egg jellybeans and recorded ourselves. It is hard to describe how bad they taste, and how funny it is to watch people eat them and the faces we make. Some tastes, like toothpaste, stinky socks, or lawn clipping are just as bad as they sound. Biting on a rotten egg one, or skunk or vomit is pretty much a life altering experience. 

He eats OK, nothing more than necessary, but he does surprise us sometimes and eats a whole meal without nudging. I don't think he is gaining any weight, but for now I'm just hoping he gets into the more regular habit of eating without complaining. 

Bowel movements are still hard for him and get him bent out of shape for a couple of days every few days. He does take a mild stool softener and a laxative, but if we overdo those then he has just as much trouble with cramps, runny stools and running to the bathroom every twenty minutes. 

So, the focus for now is a steady, healthy, high calorie diet, and lots of walking and moving around. 

I'm super grateful for:
- An awesome weekend, and great walks. Nice mild weather lets us enjoy fresh air,
- Drawing and painting with Jack, we're making some Minecraft inspired masterpieces,
- getting BeanBoozled. 

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