Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting Ready For The Holidays

It's been a pretty nice week. 
Jack is starting to eat better, especially on the days when he's not having a bowel movement. 
We're continuing our walks, tonight we went to downtown Lincoln and took a picture in front of the new light sculpture. (We also discovered a pretzel bakery, which proved to be pretty tasty, even Jack asked for seconds.)

Last week, while at school, Jack received a "Distinguished Coyote" (his school mascot) award, which includes a medal. This is his third Distinguished Coyote medal, and he is so proud of them. He would wear them around house clickety-clacking with every step, but we didn't mind, as he was so proud of them. the first two really made him feel a part of his school, even though he missed a year and a half. 

His central line is coming out on Friday!!!
That is a huge milestone. Among other things, Jack will be able to go swimming, and Sarah won't need to do nightly flushes. No more weekly dressing changes either! Those are a painful ordeal for the little guy. 
Blood labs will be drawn throug his finger, which will cause some pain and anxiety, but overall it should be easier on him. 
So, surgery on Friday, then Christmas travel on Saturday. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- YouTube, Fresh Prince, Phinneas and Ferb, and other good shows that Jack's been enjoying lately. 
- Campbell Coyote, three times! (And all the wonderful Campbell faculty and staff. Everyone is so supportive and excited when they see Jack at school.)
- Being able to get the line out on Friday. 

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