Monday, November 24, 2014

Hospital-free Week

This is our first week without any Dr.'s visits and checkups and it feels nice. 

This weekend, courteousy of Make-A-Wish, we saw Disney on ice, and Jack thought it was really fun. Disney movies are not his cup of tea, but watching the skaters and lights and fun music was quite enjoyable. 

He took his last dose of Acutane today. Acutane is supposed to starve the neuroblastoma cells of vitamin A, and it also dries the heck out of his skin and gives him mood swings. So we're glad that he'll stop "molting", and hopefully return to his normal bossy self. 

Jack is getting stronger and more flexible too. He can bend his knees now, which should help with running and jumping. He can't run yet, but is starting to jump. 

We will be visiting family for Thanksgiving, and although I don't expect him to eat much, he should get plenty of opportunities to walk and move and get exercise. He likes stuffing, so at least there's that. 

We're thankful for many things this week:

- Make-A-Wish giving us a fun Sunday afternoon,
- Jack walking around on his own, and getting stronger,
- The upcoming long weekend to watch movies, play with cousins, and get stuffed with stuffing. 

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