Sunday, November 16, 2014

Showtime Sunday

We had a super relaxing Sunday today. 
Jack is a big fan of Aliens and Predator movies (I wonder where he gets that from?) so we got a couple of movies from that series and watched them today. Sometimes we walk around the house making the clicking Predator sounds. We also have games on our iPad we play together and learn about those two. (Aliens and Predators.)

Jack is eating well and trying out new foods. Tonight he wolfed down a runza casserole with mushrooms and cabbage, which is quite a leap from his go-to meal of fried chicken.  

Physical Therapy is going really well. Jack is waking and starting to run on the treadmill. He still can't run on his own, but as he gains more muscles and flexibility, I think he should be OK. 

Dr's checkup on Tuesday, I think mainly to check his weight, and maybe discuss the next steps. 

Here are a few pics from yesterday, he recently got his second haircut since his hair came back. 

Today, and for the past few weeks, I'm grateful for:
- Jack eating and getting stronger. It's very nice to be able to have him walk around the house on his own. 
- feeling cozy and watching movies while it's snowing outside. 

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