Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mid Week Update

Wow, it's already Wednesday! We've had another busy weekend. Saturday Tibor's friend Tom took us to see Godzilla at the Imax in 3D. It was great! I haven't seen the other 30 Godzilla or Godzilla vs Mega Killer Monsters to compare it to, but I'll give it a 7.5/10 stars. On Sunday we headed further up north to see my family for the day. Boys had fun playing with cousins, riding dirt bikes and loading up in the Mule for rides. (Kawasaki mule - seats six, well, 5 kids and one adult. Thank you Chase for driving all your little cousins around!)

Jack got the okay to go to school for a few days.
Monday afternoon he went for a couple of hours and then again today for a few hours. His friends were super happy to see him. He's good for about 2.5 hours at school and then it's a bit overwhelming or he's wore out and ready to come home. Today he wanted to eat lunch and go to recess with his friends.
Jack's teacher gave him a few tests last week and one this week and for the most part, he's up with everyone else in his class. We'll continue to work on reading this summer and a little bit of math, but all is good with him and school. Last day is Thursday!

Jack had his last doctor's appointment with his bone marrow doctor on Tuesday. He's about Day 80. Labs came back good, hemoglobin a bit low, he'll probably have to get some blood next week. No weight gain this week, but hopefully he'll gain a teeny-tiny bit next week. I sure wish one day he would be like, "Mom, can you make me a steak, baked potato and some steamed veggies for dinner. And for desert, I'll take a French Silk Pie." I know I'm dreaming, but it would sure be nice to get some weight on this kid.

Next week will be a busy week with appointments, labs, maybe blood, MIBG scans and CT scans at UNMC getting ready for the final part of his treatment. And then the first week in June, more tests and a bone marrow biopsy... so another busy part of a week.

I'm looking forward to a long, quiet weekend, the last two weeks we have been out of town and the next few weeks are going to busy. I need a little down time before we start the next part of treatment. Maybe a weekend trip to KC before we start the next round of treatment. There won't be any Oceans of Fun, but we'll find plenty to do.

Today I'm thankful for:
- Jack having a good time at school, even if it was only for a few hours.
- Last day of school on Thursday. Chase will be in 9th grade (a high schooler!) and Jack 2nd in the fall.
- Jack's radiation burn looking pretty good.
- No bumps, bruising or fevers the last week, so we've stayed out of the hospital. Fingers crossed he didn't pick up anything from one of his friends in school.

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