Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And we have hair!

Jack's hair and eye lashes are starting to come back. Very exciting!
After a unit of blood and 5 hours in the hospital, Jack is good to go and has way too much energy.
Well, way too much energy when getting home at 10:45 PM.
Blood is like a few shots of expresso... good to go for a while!
He asked for a bottle of Coke and some mint cookies as he was sprinting down the hall towards the parking garage. I declined his request and said he can have some grapes and Wheat Thins.
If he's in bed and asleep by 1AM, it will truly be a miracle.

Tonight I'm grateful for:
- anyone one who takes the time to donates blood. Especially if you have a rare type like my little dude does.
B- Second rarest type. Only 2% of the population has this type.

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