Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MIBG and CT scans this week

Our family had a great long weekend. We headed up to Sioux City for a few days to visit family and were back home to enjoy a few days here in Lincoln. It was a great mix of productivity, sleeping in and wasting time on the internet while watching way too much TV and movies. It was fantastic! 

"... and I'll take one of those bottles of Coke with my sandwich." 

Jack has discovered bottled Coke and has fallen in love. Tibor grabbed two bottles for a special treat for the boys on Sunday. Chase thought it was ok, Jack on the other hand is convinced this should be a new staple in his diet. He asked me why we've never bought it before. (I think he was a bit annoyed and felt cheated.) Tibor grabbed a six pack of bottled Coke yesterday and Jack's eyes about popped out. He may have created a monster. :) 

School is out and Chase is home enjoying late nights, playing soccer and sleeping in. Jack woke up today and heard Chase talking and wondered why he was home. After realizing it's summer and no more school, I'm not sure if he was happy or annoyed that Chase is going to be hanging out with us and adding to our party, making it three. He sure likes me and is used to the last nine months of having me all to himself. 

Plan for this week - Tuesday: dressing change and labs. Wednesday: more labs and he's gets injected with a radioactive material for the MIGB scan. (He has to take an iodine solution called SSKI drops with some OJ before the test to prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing too much radioactivity. The thyroid gland is more susceptible than other parts of the body to attracting the iodine/radioactivity.) 

Thursday: MIBG scan and CT scan.
Friday: possible second MIBG scan to get more images. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- lots of R&R over the weekend. Now I'm playing catch up and need to get the garden going. 
- seeing Tibor's parents - they are over here visiting from Bosnia.
- I planted some flowers this past weekend and they look so nice in front of our house. I guess I may have a bit of a green thumb. 
- Jack feeling good. He's a bit tired, not sure if counts are to blame or he's just playing too much and worn out. We'll see today with labs and what his counts are. 

Update: We're at St. Elazabeth's getting some blood this evening. Infusion Center closes at 7pm, so we had to go up to the PEDs floor to a room. We'll get discharged after. (It takes a while to get blood. They first type and match and then we wait and wait for some B negative to come. Even though he can have O negative, they usually put orders in that he receives his own blood type. Also, the blood he receives is 's a bit special, B- packed cells irradiated. Since he's had a bone marrow transplant, they do a couple different things to the blood before they give it to him. The Nuclear Medicine doctor requested that Jack get the blood tonight rather then wait until tomorrow when were in Omaha. They don't anticipate any problems with the new blood and the radioactive material, they want in circulating around the body just to be on the safe side. That's that and we're just gonna chill here for about 4-5 hours. 

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