Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doctor Visit Update

Today Jack had a check up at UNMC. Our usual hour and a half lab/doctor appointment turned into an entire afternoon. His counts were a little low, so we hung out in the Infusion Center for three hours getting platletes and fluid. Hemoglobin was good, so no blood this time around. He's good to go now, his weight was a bit lower, dropped not quite a pound from last time.

It's so hard to put and keep weight on the little dude. His appetite is great some days and not so much others. He still loves Raising Canes but his love for food and snacks are definitely on the down low. We need to find that secret food (preferably high in calories and fat) that he can't get enough of and wants to eat all the time. Pancakes!?
He did munch on some chips this afternoon while curled up in a warm blanket watching Minecraft videos and getting fluids. 

We have an appointment next Wednesday with another doctor to talk about phase four of treatment- Immuneotherapy. (Each phase of treatment, we see a different doctor - still within the oncology group - that specializes in that area of treatment.)
I think the plan is to start Immuneotherapy roughly the first or second week in June. 
The last week in May we tentatively have three days scheduled for tests: MIBG and CT scans, EKG, Audiogram, X-rays, bone marrow biopsy and lots of labs. I think the bone marrow biopsy will be a same day surgery. Whew! 
Doctors are always keeping a close eye on making sure the cancer is still clear of the bones and hasn't decided to return or visit another area of the body. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- Jack being a super awesome kid with incredible patience and a positive spirit when we have long unexpected days in Omaha.
- our family and friends keeping a close eye on us through all of Jack's treatment.
- our fishes: Rootbeer, Lemonade, Cookie, Monster and Domino, thank you guys for all hanging around and not deciding to leave the tank early. (Update: one of them did try to make a run for it tonight, but I was able to put him back in the tank.)

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