Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tolerating Radiation Well

Ok, week one of radiation is under our belt. 

So far, so good. No major skin irritation, and no fatigue yet. 

His energy levels are really excellent. For example, today we went to Air and Space Museum, which was excellent as always, and we walked for a few hours and looked at everything. Then we went to a nearby park and climbed the observation tower. When we got home, he played with neighbor kids for an hour, then went for a walk around the block. (I did have to carry him on the home stretch though:)

Another week and a half of radiation left. Hoping he tolerates it well. Fatigue and bowel irregularities are what to watch out for, so no hospital visits in that respect. 

The recovery from the stem cell transplant is going well too. His blood counts are climbing up, and they only need to see him every two weeks, as opposed to every week. 

We had a really great day today, and I was thinking of those weeks before he was diagnosed, the mystery pains in his belly, the sleepless nights, constipation, etc. so I'm really grateful that the treatment has given him (and us) relief from all that. 

I'm also grateful for:
- fantastic spring weather. It is so nice to be able to go around the house and run around. And all the doctors agree on one thing... Play and activity is the best thing for him. 
- a fun-filled family day at the awesome SAC museum!

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