Monday, April 14, 2014

First Day of Radiation Therapy

Jack had his first radiation appointment today, which was pretty quick - lasted about 10 minutes. They took a few X-Rays and gave him some new stickers on his tummy. (They use X marks to line him up with the lasers.) Jack had some nausea on the way home and was quick grabbing a plastic bag. He got sick again when we got home. Poor little dude. His stomach is getting a bit of radiation just because of its position. We have a prescription for Zofran to take an hour before his treatment, hopefully that will help any nausea in the future. 

While Jack is getting his treatment, no one can be in the room with him. The door that closes is about 12 inches thick, it's like a fortress. They have cameras all over and an intercom system so they can talk back and forth. (They play music for him while getting treatment, song of choice - Happy by Pharrell Williams. It was also in Despicable Me 2)  The arm (top part of the machine) does a 360 around him, total time is about three minutes. He hopped down, gave the techs a high five, and said see you tomorrow! That's it. 100 miles, 2 hours of driving for 10 minutes of treatment. 
Lots of driving. I need a Nissan Leaf. :)

Tomorrow, (Tuesday) is our long day. Jack has his weekly lab/doctor appointment downtown, then the radiation appointment across town and then we meet with the radiologist afterwards. Jack suggested since Tuesday is our long day, that we take a different way home, making a pit stop in Greenwood at Baker's Chocolates. Hummm.. great idea! Chocolate after a long day will make anyone's day better!  

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