Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 7 of Radiation Therapy

Jack is rocking through radiation, already at Day 7. Treatment has been changed up a bit, and Jack will only be getting 12 treatments versus the 20 they had initially thought. (See, they're always changing up treatment :)) Because he is on a study, there are certain protocols that all the doctors follow. The doctor and other radiologists reviewed his CT scan last week and he doesn't need the additional boost of 8 treatments, which is great! (The additional boost is based on the current size of the lymph nodes around where the mass was growing. I think this is right, but don't quote me on this. This treatment, protocols and what is what is confusing. We ask question, which only gives us more questions. Sigh.... ) But anyways, Jack is doing super. We had labs today and his hemoglobin is a bit low, so not sure if some blood is in the plan later on this week. He has a bit of a "sunburn" on his back and stomach from the radiation, but it's very light and we have some creams for it. 

We had a nice Easter, stayed in town and did some grilling. (We're still told to avoid crowds until Day 100.) Easter bunny made a pit stop here too. I asked before Easter what the boys thought if I brought them a Steam Card (like an iTunes gift card, but for online games) and a chocolate rabbit. They were super stoked with that idea. The amount of candy given at holidays seems out of control at times. (Our opinion of course) We love candy (chocolate) just like everyone else, but the thought of buying three pounds of candy gives us the willies... and makes my teeth hurt as well. It's Tuesday and neither child has eaten their chocolate bunny, it's even the good chocolate, not the waxy chocolate flavored chocolate.
(Seriously, who invented that crap anyways?!) So, I'm guessing they're not candy deprived.

Jack is catching up with school work like a rock star. Our tutor isn't coming right now while he is getting radiation, so it's nurse, teacher, mom doing all it again... which is going a lot better than before. He sleeps a good 12+ hours everyday, still recovering from bone marrow transplant and fatigue is starting to come from radiation. Sleep is how the body recovers, and we just let him sleep. :)
Here's Jack today about to get radiation today, they had to move some stickers around.

Today I'm grateful for:
- neighbor boys playing outside and inviting Jack to play with him. 
- radiation being on west end of Omaha. It's a small thing, but once we leave Lincoln, we're there in 45 minutes. Doesn't make a huge dent in our day. 

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