Monday, May 23, 2016

Third grade walking field trip

Ok, 3rd grade is in the books!
To finish of the year, Jack's grade had a walking field trip around downtown Lincoln. 
It was awesome, and he managed to walk the whole time. (Honestly, it was a lot of walking...)
Here are some pics. 

While we were visiting Governor's mansion, he asked the staff if they ever greet the Governor with 'Ello Gov'na (Hello Governer, in a British accent). That created a good round of laughter. 

We have a surgery coming up on Wednesday. They will go in to repair his bladder, and clean up scar tissue around colon. It will be a 3-5 day stay, so hoping to be out by Sunday. 

We're still grateful for good things:)
Let's see,
- Holiday on Monday,
- Awesome memory creating field trip,
- Jack's friends, and cousins who keep him active
- He's finally starting to eat a bit better.  He has new food for his nightly feeds, and it seems to be working better. 

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