Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Surgery Bear #25

(Jack studying the drawing Dr. A drew on his bed sheet detailing the surgery plan.)

A seven hour surgery down in the books today. All smooth sailing - bladder fistula repaired, colon reconstructed again and some omentum pulled down from around the stomach area and placed as a cushion between the bladder and colon. (The original plan was to take a muscle from the inside of the thigh and use that as the cushion. Surgeon was very happy omentum membrane was healthy. One less incision. Faster recovery.) 
They reopened scar from last surgery (8in across the lower stomach) and did all the repair work. Jack is hooked up to some good pain meds tonight. A folley still in place to give the bladder some resting time. All in all, he looks pretty good for quite the exciting day. Hanging out on the sixth floor with all our favorite nurses probably until Saturday. 

An oncology update -- we still go in every three months for CT scans, lab work and urine marker tests keeping a close eye on the Neuroblastoma staying away. Jacks appointment at the end of April was clear and clean. Hooray! Yahoo! Always a relief. 

Tonight I'm thankful for:
- successful surgery. 
- Jack being in such good spirits through all this.
- Tibor and I passing the long day together laughing. It's not easy sitting and waiting and waiting. 
- All our family and friends thinking out the little dude and sending positive thoughts his way. 

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