Sunday, June 28, 2015

Clean scans and labs, and having a great summer break.

It's been a busy few days, busy with a hospital visit, and also with playing. 

Jack had CT scans on Monday, and they were clean:) His urine samples were also normal. Double :)
He'll have same set of scans in 3 months. 
And also, he is cleared to start getting his immunization shots, except for measles, for which he has to wait until Dec. 2016. So hopefully all other kids in his classes for the next year and a half have their measles shots. 

Not sure if he's gained any weight, but he looks, acts and feels stronger. He can jump and run much better and has longer stamina. 

Otherwise, wow, we're enjoying summer to the fullest. We play soccer and tennis in the evenings (not really playing, but running around, passing the ball to one another), we ride the motorcycle, and last week we fired off some rockets. His school has open library in the mornings, so he's also gotten some books, which he reads in the mornings. 
Tonight on our motorcycle ride, we rode by a restaurant, and it smelled so good, he agreed to have dinner there. Usually dinner involves a lengthy negotiation, but tonight he was ready to go. Pic below. 
It's now our secret place, and we're not telling mom and Chase where it is. 

So, looking forward to 4th of July weekend, and just playing it cool till then. 

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