Monday, May 4, 2015

Surgery #10

Jack had a G tube (gastrostomy tube) put in today at Children's. It's like button tubbing inserted through the abdomen that delivers nutrition directly to the stomach. Jack will get supplemental feedings at night to help him gain some weight. Little dude is still at 40lbs. The surgeon also did a rigid sigmoidoscopy making sure there isn't a blockage around the colon, as this is what all the X-rays and CT scans were showing. Well, there is a blockage, lots of scar tissue from both the removal of the tumor and radiation treatment which has blocked a good portion of the colon. So today the surgeon dilated the colon to 1.5 cm. He has another surgery scheduled June 4 to do another dilation, hoping to slowly get the colon back to its normal size. If the colon has shrunk back and didn't stay dilated, the surgeon talked about more of a in-depth surgery. (It's a pretty complicated surgery and fingers crossed we don't have to go down that road.) (There are other options too, from possibly just using laxatives to keep his stools soft, to maybe placing a stent. We'll see if dilations "stick".) 

Jack is doing okay this evening, the local numbing cream has worn off and his stomach is pretty tender. He has some pretty good pain meds that are keeping the pain down. They are planning on starting a feeding tonight at 10pm, so hope that goes okay through the night and his stomach doesn't get upset. It's been a long day, a 1.5 hour surgery turned into 2.5 hours and mom and Jack are both tired. The plan is to go home Tuesday morning. No school for a few days, just going to lay low and heal. 

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