Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A quick update

It's been a long time since our last update, but that's a sign that things are going well. 

Knock on wood, we've all been staying flu/crud/whooping cough free, and hoping to stay that way. 

Jack is slowly returning to school, but depending on his general feel, or oncoming bowel movement, or random foot pains, he only stays at school for the morning. 
His bowel movements are problematic, and he'll have an X-ray on Friday to see what's going on with his intestines that gives him so much trouble. He has a hard and painful time every time he has a movement, which can last for days at a time, so he doesn't eat the best when that is going on. 
He's still only 40lbs, so hopefully the X-rays will help the doctors diagnose what's going on. 

He's doing well otherwise, enjoying his friends at school and going for walks around the block when weather permits, or to toys r us, or on treadmill when it's cold. 

Here is a pic from around Christmas, I don't think we had posted it already. 

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